German Copywriting

To reach customers in German-speaking markets, you need targeted German-language communication written by native-speaking German copywriters. Our copywriters are not only native German-speakers, they are also very good writers. Writers who care about what you have to say.

When cutting-edge concept and project agency kurz & kühn in Hamburg, Germany, needed clever German copy to capture the essence of their services, they turned to steelecht. “kurz & kühn” is German for brief and bold, so the agency wished to distill the complexity of their messages into a simple and smart formulation. Our native-speaking German copywriters worked closely with kurz & kühn to evolve compelling German copy that matched message and tonality to their avant-garde graphics.

German copywriting

We hear this time and again. What customers appreciate most about our work is that we care. We’re not just writing words to fill a page. We care about the German copywriting we create for them. We care about understanding their target groups. And we really care about getting the message right.

Do you also need high-quality German copy to meet your business communication needs? Do you have existing copy that needs to be optimized for the German market? Choose steelecht: we’re an established local company with a large portfolio of customers in Germany – as well as around the world. As a boutique agency, we’re also small enough to provide you with hands-on, personalized attention.

We are also very big on quality assurance. Your texts will not only be written by a native-speaking German copywriter, they will also be reviewed by at least one other German native speaker before publication.

Don’t speak German but need German-language communications? Our multilingual team can discuss the German copy with you in your language. Click here to start the conversation!

Telling your story – with good German copy

Every company – and every project – is unique. So for your German-language communications, you need someone who can easily adapt themselves to you. You may have strong messaging, but is it optimized for the German market?

Work with steelecht and we will meticulously tailor the German copy to suit the exact contours of the market – and your business needs. No matter the occasion, goal, style or format.

Part of what makes us different is that our native-speaking German copywriters ask questions. We’re curious – about trends, about strategies, and about finding a clean and fresh way to formulate your message. And we’re fearless – about diving deep into complex topics, and extracting the essential nuggets of value we can use to make your German copy shine.

Companies and agencies value our cultural sensitivity, our global awareness and our agility in producing handcrafted German copywriting for the full spectrum of modern media, from websites, storyboards and blogs, to brochures and sell sheets – all beautifully optimized for the German market. We can also reformulate texts to be gender neutral. See more (in German) in our blog article “Sternchen, Gaps und Vielfalt. Gendergerechte Sprache im Marketing”.

From steelecht’s operational bases in Berlin and the Frankfurt area (German state of Hesse), our native-speaking German copywriters diligently deliver powerful, business-grade German copywriting that fits.

German-language communication across multiple industries


Over the past decade, our native-speaking German copywriters have worked on an exciting range of projects in many different business sectors. This is partly because Germany and Europe’s other German-speaking economies are so vibrant. It’s also because many agencies and companies trust our German copywriting skills.

steelecht takes pride in a proven track record of success in industries ranging from fast-moving consumer goods to highly technical B2B sectors, including:

  • FMCG

We faithfully convey your message in captivating German copy, attracting new attention and rekindling the interest of your current customers.

In Germany, they call copywriting “Texten”

The German word for copywriter is “Werbetexter” (advertising writer), or simply “Texter” (any type of hired writer). In Germany, literary writing is translated as “schreiben”, while copywriting is usually translated as “texten”.

“Texten” = creating texts for a client. We like that: it’s simple, and to the point. And that’s what we do. We have been creating top-notch German copywriting for customers – from Hesse and Brandenburg to Mumbai and Shanghai – for over 10 years. Trust steelecht’s native-speaking German copywriters to write convincing German copy for your German-speaking audiences.

Accept no substitutes! Only native-speaking German copywriters – “Werbetexter” – can deliver genuine German copywriting. steelecht puts them to work – for you.