Customer-driven content

steelecht is specialized in the creation and publication of customer-driven content. Beginning with your content marketing strategy, we sharpen the effectiveness of your communication by aligning it with your business objectives and your customers’ needs. Our goal is to help you to build business by better delivering your messages and raising your visibility. Words are an essential element, serving multiple purposes from corporate storytelling and search engine optimization (SEO) to product descriptions, blogs, PR and email marketing; with each being available in multiple languages to suit your markets.



  • What is reality?

    Get closer to your business reality with SAP HANA Enterprise Apps. The concept & script for this video was developed by steelecht for GOEBEL+MATTES, an audiovisual production agency in Frankfurt. 

Helping you cross borders

steelecht is a full-service English-speaking crossmedia agency based in Offenbach am Main, a creative hotspot in the heart of Germany’s Rhine-Main area, and neighbor city of Frankfurt am Main.

Our customers value our work for its consistent high quality and international focus, helping them bridge cultures and facilitate crossborder business. We tackle complex projects with vigor and adeptly transform them into easy-to-grasp, compelling communication.

What is crossmedia storytelling?

Human beings have communicated through storytelling for millennia. Who did what when? Each sentence, page or scene answers a new question in the listener’s mind, just as that question is beginning to form.

The same applies to communication today. Whether developing content marketing strategies or transcreating existing measures into a new language, steelecht skillfully crafts the content to suit the media and target audience –with the aim to lead listeners, readers and viewers in a way that captures their curiosity and holds their attention.

steelecht develops, manages and publishes such customer driven content across the whole range of today’s media channels. For you. For your audiences.



Our shop

You can purchase steelecht products or related items in our shop. For instance, this book by Annette Simmons which provides inspiration for our work.

"Story doesn't grab power. Story creates power...[because it's able] to connect people to what is important and help them make sense of their world." Annette Simmons, The Story Factor



About steelecht

steelecht is a media agency and production company with 8 employees based in Offenbach am Main, Germany. Founded in 2005, we serve clients with media concepts and productions as well as develop our own content for entertainment and education purposes. Our media portfolio ranges from print to app – the compelling story is what sets our productions apart. Meet the steelecht team and network here

“Have you heard of...?”

The best stories get retold. The best advertisements are personal recommendations – perhaps the only ones that really make a difference. It has always been that way, even more so in the age of social media.

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