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steelecht is a copywriting agency specialized in writing texts that hone in on your customers’ needs and interests. Our approach is called “crossmedia storytelling”, designed to deliver clear and compelling messages in all channels relevant to your audience. Work with our experienced team of English and German writers to create or optimize your marketing texts, ensuring they successfully reach people’s hearts and minds across multiple languages and markets.

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steelecht is a specialized copywriting agency based in Offenbach am Main, a creative hotspot in the heart of Germany’s Rhine-Main area, and neighbor city of Frankfurt am Main. We also have a satellite office in Berlin. Our experienced team of English and German copywriters are committed to providing you with the best texts possible at a price that fits your budget.

From B2B to B2C, our experience is wide-reaching and in-depth. Our Clients value our work for its consistent quality and international focus, helping them bridge cultures and facilitate cross-border business. We tackle complex projects with vigor and adeptly transform them into easy-to-grasp and engaging texts.

Our agency name is actually a play on the German word “stilecht”, which more or less means “to have a consistent style”. That’s steelecht!

Need texts written by a native English copywriter? Our experienced team also offers quality copywriting in German and other languages. Try steelecht for the best results.

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We love to write and communicate. In our steelecht blog, we share expertise from our working lives. Topics cover crossmedia storytelling, copywriting, copyediting, as well as translation and transcreation. Our blog entries are written in German and English.

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What is crossmedia storytelling?


Human beings have communicated through storytelling for millennia. Who did what when? Each sentence, page or scene answers a new question, moments after that question has formed in the minds of the audience. It is a constant give-and-take of suspense, anticipation and resolution. That’s the secret of good drama – and good crossmedia storytelling, too. Be relevant, not boring! It’s the best way to communicate. And time-tested to boot.

How do we interpret these mechanisms into your communications? We tell a story that is relevant to your audience, their needs and expectations. And we target the communication to the channels your audience are most likely to see it on. If you want to direct your audience from a social media channel to your website and then to a sign-up form, each of those steps in the customer journey are chapters in the story we will tell. In a nutshell, that’s crossmedia storytelling.

Work with steelecht to reach your target groups with texts that capture their curiosity and hold their attention. Whether developing a content-marketing strategy or translating existing measures into a new language, our experienced team of English and German writers will craft the content to suit the respective media and your target audience.

Since 2005, our copywriting agency has produced content for a wide variety of industries and almost every kind of channel. Explore some examples on our page Our Work. Want to see more?