Translation & Transcreation

Looking for a translator? You need experienced copywriters who’ll do much more than a straightforward word swap. Our staff based in Germany will deliver a creative translation that combines top notch writing skills with exacting knowledge of both the source and target languages. Our ambition is that the text you get back from us reads like it was written in that language originally. Let our writing professionals effectively get your message across to new markets.

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A film produced by GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) in Hesse introduces a training initiative that helps young people find work in the renewable energy sector. The film was shown at an energy trade fair and needed to reach people from all over the world. Our writing professionals provided a creative translation that was not too colloquial, so non-native English speakers from different parts of the world could easily understand it.

Reaching your audiences – around the world

Local markets need local content, i.e. words written or spoken in the language that your customers there read and speak. Connecting with your customers – actual or potential – requires that you make the effort to deliver your important information and marketing materials in local languages. This process is most commonly known as localization, adaptation or just translation.

But, be careful! If you aren’t working with experienced copywriters, the essential meaning of your messages can literally become lost in translation. At steelecht, all of our Germany-based translators are also writing professionals. They will transform your text to ensure your messages are conveyed in a carefully executed, creative translation. When source language articles are highly focused on your home market, we adapt them or suggest alternative texts to ensure relevance and accuracy for international audiences.

Our core competence is in transcreating English to German, and German to English. We adapt your messages to match the creative concepts and desired actions in the target language.

Your messages are adapted to match the creative concepts and desired actions in the different target languages.

Transcreating – as opposed to simply translating – is critical whenever convincing arguments and brand positioning have a higher priority than simple descriptions.

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Not all translators are the same. Ours are all experienced copywriters trained in the art of creative translation. Contact us today to speak with one of our writing professionals in Hesse or Berlin.

A good translation starts with a good briefing

Great translators always have an excellent foundation in the languages they are working with and are also experienced copywriters. Yet, writing professionals should never simply rely on what they may already know. It’s very important for us at steelecht to also know our clients well and to clearly understand the target group and the tonality expected – for example, international or British audience, corporate or blog-style. Only then will our creative translation effectively make an impact.

Our writing professionals in Germany work as a team, but we also see our clients as partners and part of the solution. Communicating with you about your goals, needs and preferences helps us deliver better texts – in whatever language you need them. To read more about the golden rules of getting a creative translation right, check out our blog articles:

We cover many languages! Our writing professionals in Germany are ready to get started on your project. Let us know what you need, and we’ll get back to you with a quote for your creative translation.