Even the brightest marketing minds sometimes need assistance with idea generation, especially when it comes to thinking outside of the box.

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From idea generation to lead generation. UL provides testing and certification to help manufacturers meet regulatory requirements for markets around the world. steelecht provided UL with creative services to conceive and develop this interactive tool to identify what marks are needed in which countries. It quickly became a go-to site for manufacturers, their suppliers and even government regulators. The SAVE & CONTINUE button also makes the site a highly effective lead generator for UL.

Content ideation

Our creative services are frequently called upon to provide that assistance – content ideation. As external consultants, we approach your marketing challenges with fresh eyes, new perspectives, a passion for the big picture, and a powerful drive to be constructively creative.

Brainstorming is the motor that drives content ideation. In the trade, we call this divergence, i.e. opening up your mind without any kind of censorship. The goal of brainstorming is idea generation, or the free association of thoughts connected to the specifics of the task. The only rule is openness to whatever comes: thoughts, words, idioms, metaphors, symbols, images, colors, digressions, tangents, or strange associations. In this phase, there are no wrong answers!

Too often, companies get stuck in the rut of “the same procedure as every year”. steelecht’s creative services help you unleash the forces of agility and ambition within your organization. We transform idea gridlock into a force of vitality and new thinking.

Brainstorming is not about producing a bunch of hot air. It’s about tapping into hidden potential. It can be used for redefining your whole Corporate Identity or scaled to fit any kind of project from simple headline development to product naming and global campaign conception.

You may have a rough idea of what you want to achieve. Let our creative services help you navigate the key phase of idea generation. Don’t be daunted by idea overload. Brainstorming is our business!

From brainstorming to benefit – instituting spiral thinking

As central as it is, brainstorming is only one part of the content ideation process. After all, you want a solution – not a whiteboard filled with scribbles. Getting from first impressions to solutions requires a process we call spiral thinking. You could also call it gradually tightening the learning curve.

From unstructured idea generation we move along the spiral towards research. That means learning more about your specific industry, company, brand and product. It also means market research into your target groups, as well as research into what your competitors are doing and communicating.

With all of that knowledge, we now return to the whiteboard. But we’ve raised the level, and now some ideas may seem less interesting. Conversely, we may now have a few new ideas to add to the mix. In any event, we’re advancing – making progress – and closing in on something that can ignite your communication and add that special spark that distinguishes you from the crowd.

Alternating from divergence (brainstorming) to convergence (assessment), the path continues through several rounds until the right idea necessary for your particular challenge is clearly visible. Often, it appears in retrospect to be such an obviously brilliant idea that everyone is surprised it hasn’t been used before.

That’s the beauty of good content ideation: discovering the best idea by rediscovering the obvious. And that’s the point of using competent external creative services. When it’s your own product, the obvious is often hard to see.

Ideation and creative writing services – made in Germany

From sweeping strategic visions to the tactics & tools of execution, steelecht is your partner for change that makes your marketing efforts fresher, more efficient, and more effective. It all starts with idea generation.

Our content ideation portfolio extends across multiple industries, including:


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Our creative services go well beyond brainstorming to emerge in a wide spectrum of communications, such as:


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Yes, at the heart of every message, campaign and product are ideas: about who you are, who your customer is, what you uniquely offer, and why someone should choose you. Ideas don’t grow on trees, but they can be cultivated, nourished and harvested with impressive returns. Think of our creative writing services as the farmhands you need to make that harvest a success.

Are your old ideas tired? Maybe they just need some new friends! Our creative services match up your ideas with young, fresh & bright ones – a perfect match! Talk to us: we’re the new idea generation experts!